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As a personal branding coach, I believe that we all have a unique and special gift to contribute to the world.

Many people shy away from shining a spotlight on their natural gifts and talents, others simply don’t know how to.

To support this, I challenge my clients to chase authenticity through building self awareness and connecting with their story.

As a seasoned experiential branding expert, with almost 14 years’ experience, I equip individuals to articulate and share their value with others through personal branding.

My goal is to empower my clients and community to craft a meaningful presence in their personal and professional lives.




These sessions help individuals unlock their authentic personal brand. Through guided self-discovery, I empower my clients to uncover and understand their unique values and strengths, enabling them to confidently articulate their value to the world. This journey we take results in a personal brand that truly represents who they are, helping them stand out and make a lasting impact.



Through interactive sessions, individuals learn how to effectively communicate their brand to the world and make a resounding presence. These sessions are beneficial to those who are starting out or looking to reinvigorate their personal brand, to stand out and make a difference. 


Through conscious career coaching, I help individuals navigate unique career contexts as they chart a course for their success. I support them to understand their goals and aspirations, and then develop a tailored plan to reach the next rung on their ladder of success. Whether you are looking for a career change, a promotion, or simply seeking to reach your full potential, this is the perfect solution for you to take your career to the next level.



In 2019, I had the privilege of delivering the keynote address at the Nedbank Yes4Youth event. The program aimed to offer work experience to over 1905 unemployed youth in South Africa and my message was centered on the importance of personal branding and taking ownership of one's career. It was an honor to be part of such a meaningful initiative and to share my insights with the next generation of professionals."



From an early age, I have always had the ability to feel with others, intuitively, what they are feeling. It was something that I desperately tried to avoid during my childhood, as it often made me feel uncomfortable. It felt like a heavy burden to me.


In my adult years, I learned that this was empathy, a gift I have carried all my life, and that discovery allowed me to own my abilities to serve myself and those around me.

My career kicked off as an account manager working with brands, I then transitioned into working with employer brands - assisting them to attract graduates into their development programs. In 2018, I made a shift into career coaching and speaking, working with personal brands. 

I work with corporate companies, non-profits, universities, scholarship providers, groups and individuals. My work is a combination of my professional experience working with brands, along with my personal experience of crafting my own meaningful brand.

Pamela is an excellent facilitator! She ran various virtual development workshops with our final year students and alumni during lockdown. The sessions were well received. The students and graduates could relate to her and she offered them great tools in terms of their job search and navigating their career. Pamela is a excellent communicator and has a calm, confident and professional approach. She is a knowledgeable trainer and I would highly recommend her.

Andrea van den Berg, Training Manager at Varsity College


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